A Note on Design Pedagogy

Reading a recent article on the theory behind Gropius' Bauhaus and the Applied Art Schools in Breslau and Dusseldorf, led me to finally construct a valid argument to defend both this very blog and the very basis of my current daily works. The theory is best illustrated by the 1907 creation of the Deutscher Werkbund. This association of architects, designers, and industrialists helps illustrate state-sponsored evidence of the need to commercialize artistic talent.

The pedagogical nature of the Bauhaus and congruently Parsons are exhibited in the curricula of both institutions, while formed around the same time, developed independently of each other on two different continents. The need to industrialize raw artistic talent; to bridge the then widening gap between industry and art was expressed in the Deustcher Werkbund, the Bauhaus, and Parsons itself. Academia failed to adequately prepare students for real life expression of their artistic talent, the manifestation of their ideas were doomed to failure without being prepared for real media to express themselves with. Creativity was lost in the swirls of vocal academics who, given their university training, were able to effectively express and accomplish.

This quote helps express what I am trying to say: "True creative work can be done only by the man whose knowledge and mastery of the physical laws of statics, dynamics, optics, acoustics equip him to give life and shape to his inner vision." Therefore we can see the pedagogical importance of the Bauhaus, and currently my education at Parsons. I am being given the vehicle and required training to effectively link my creative talents with industrial processes. I am being given the tools I need to graduate and work and earn a living, rather than squander any creativity in futile attempts of recognition. Practical and theoretical, simultaneously releasing the creative powers contained in the students at this and other design schools. Maybe we can say teaching us how to talk the talk and walk the walk.

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