The Flybook: iMac Duplicate? no no.. Ergonomic Laptop

Wow! Look at this laptop, I wish I had one this very minute, as my neck starts to hurt from bending my head down to look at my miniscule MacBook Pro screen. This idea is great for those who do a lot of work on their laptops, and as a student I do end up working through my computer screen quite often.

This laptop, a Japanese creation, has an embedded telescoping arm in the back of the screen, so when you open the device, you can physically pull the screen out and forward to meet your eye level. This is great for those of us that are so tall, and the level of the desk is at our stern, so we must bow our heads to use the computer.

What my problem is, is that I enjoy my Apple laptop. It has so many features that help me be 1000 times more efficient in my work. I want one of these devices, but for my Apple. Somebody, maybe this company, should design such a device, that can be installed on any laptop. That would sell, because I don't know the quality of this Japanese "FlyBook" and I really don't want to spend all the money just to find out it is made of B-List chips.

What this company needs is an external perspective. Because of the reasons in the next paragraph, and because recognition of a simple advancement of an existing innovation, brought to portable computers, can result in amazing sales. All they have to see is that their computer is unsellable, but their contribution to laptop computers is sellable, and they are money.

What is even more interesting is, if you go to the website of the manufacturer, the website seems like it is in English. All the navigation is in English, but I tried clicking on links to find out more information, and everything is in Japanese, the text that is. My recommendation, if you want to attract that wider audience (I found this object for sale on an American website), then you really have to be able to explain your concepts in a language that they will understand. I can see how the website would work for Japanese people, who probably are bilingual, but how many British, American, Belizean, etc people do you know that speak Japanese as well? They need to memo their marketing department, and R&D too.

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CaliDesignChic said...

This is awesome, what a great idea for my laptop.. I would always enjoy such an advancement in an archaic industry.

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